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I prefer to be heard than to be seen! Hi Coffee Friends, I’m Marfe! I intentionally did not put my face here ’cause I’d rather be judged on what I say than how I look. Well, that’s just an excuse! I have a lot of insecurities but at least this platform gives me confidence to express what’s in my head!

Join me, as I grow in this adulting journey! Let’s discover ourselves more by talking it out over a cup of coffee!

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Imposter Syndrome: How to identify and combat this phenomena? My Coffee Stories

Lucky, a dear friend, a life coach and the voice behind the "Life Talks with Kuya Lucky" joined me in a discussion about Imposter Syndrome. In this episode, we talked our personal experiences on how we are dealing or somehow dealt with this phenomena. Have you ever felt of this syndrome before and how did you overcome this? Let's talk about that in this episode. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mycoffeestories/support
  1. Imposter Syndrome: How to identify and combat this phenomena?
  2. Happy 2022! Here's my 2021 reflections & learnings
  3. 3 Things Adults Should Learn from Children
  4. Zoning out helps my productivity!
  5. My old podcast episodes, I cringe! I cringe!
  6. Podcast Trailer
  7. Forgiveness and Breakthroughs | Can we start over again? Part 2


Am I enough?

The way I combat this lately is simply allowing myself to savor the emotion (doubt, anger, fear and etc). Then, remind yourself the achievements you have accomplished and the areas you did great. You can list it down on a piece of paper or keep track of it using online note apps. It can be difficult to shrug this feeling off but worrying it too much would make it feel heavier. Deal what you can deal just today and worry the rest tomorrow!

First Yoga Sesh with Mom

Yoga heals your body by breathing and doing it together with a loved one, it was beyond healing. First timers might find the poses awkward but I’m glad that I’m able to find a great Youtuber who has this ability to read her subscribers mind.

What’s wrong with Self Talk?

Disappointment. That’s how I am feeling towards myself, cause I easily get affected by people’s impression towards me. Like me being too emotional—yeah, I totally admit it tho there could…

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